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On the Average EIMMIGRATION AIR Users Pay $8.56 per Case

EIMMIGRATION AIR pricing is based on the pay "per-Month" model, which is fair, simple, and inflation-proof. With EIMMIGRATION AIR, you do not worry about the potentially horrendous fees of the "per-Case" model.

We like to clearly and concisely convey the real advantages behind EIMMIGRATION AIR pricing model using real life numbers which you will find very easy to relate to.  Let’s take a look at your firm’s costs for both pricing models as the average number of cases you initiate per month grows for a single case-worker:


# of
per month

Per Month

Competition #1
Per Case + Per Month

Competition #2
Per Month


(fixed @ $55 per month)
(Setup+Training Fee: $400)

($10 per mo. + $30 per case)
(Setup+Training Fee: $1,395)

(fixed @ $100 per month)
(Setup+Training Fee: $699)



























Looking at the figures in the above chart, and not considering the initial setup and training cost, it is fairly easy to surmise that if your office accepts two or more cases per month, you are better off to subscribe to EIMMIGRATION AIR.

Q. How do I bill my client for EIMMIGRATION AIR cost?
A. Since Cerenade charges a flat monthly fee for subscription to EIMMIGRATION AIR it is recommended that you roll EIMMIGRATION AIR cost into your hourly rate (or your flat fee) . There’s no reason to treat EIMMIGRATION AIR subscription any differently from any other regular, ongoing costs of doing business like phone charges or Internet service which are reflected in a firm’s overhead rather than billed separately.

Q. Should I pass on Case Management costs to my client?
A. For most, the issue of passing on Case Management costs is more about ethics and client relations than accounting.  Compared to other Case Management solution, EIMMIGRATION AIR costs so little that you don't have to pass its cost to your client.
Quite simply, if you were a client, would you want to see a "Case Management" charge on the bill you receive from your lawyer?

Q. What about my Data?  Can you import my data to EIMMIGRATION AIR?
A. Yes. We have built some of the most advanced conversion programs for importing your data to EIMMIGRATION AIR.  If you currently use Time Matters, IDS, LawLogix, Tracker, INSZoom, BlueDot, Immigrant Pro or EILA, you can comfortably transfer your data to EIMMIGRATION AIR and enjoy using the most advanced Practice Management solution in the market.  If you have a product other than the ones mentioned here you can export your client data to an excel sheet (provided to you by us) and then have the Excel sheet transfered to EIMMIGRATION AIR.
For a detailed description of EIMMIGRATION Conversion Program, please read Eimmigration Conversion Chart.  

We guarantee our conversion work.  If we don't import what our Conversion Chart says we import, you don't pay.

Copyright 1998 - Cerenade. All Rights Reserved.  EIMMIGRATION, EIMMIGRATION AIR, EILA, Work Smart, Cerenade are trademarks or registered trademarks of Multimedia Abacus Corporation.


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