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100% Hosted & Web-Based
100% Hosted & Web-Based
No Installation & Zero Maintenance
EIMMIGRATION AIR is fully managed by Cerenade and hosted by our hosting partner, Lightcrest (www.Lightcrest.com).  We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work on the server side to simplify your work so that you have more time to spend in your business.
High Availability & Reliability
At Cerenade, we understand the importance of high availability and security to your business.  To ensure the highest possible availability, we use world-class hosting services and infrastructures of Lightcrest (www.Lightcrest.com) to run EIMMIGRATION AIR. We use RAID to protect your data from hard disk failure, and we enforce rigorous backup and disaster recovery plan.
Runs in the Cloud
You only need a web browser to use EIMMIGRATION AIR. EIMMIGRATION AIR is fully cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.  You can access EIMMIGRATION AIR with any standard browser of your choice, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
Case Tracking & Management
Case Tracking & Management
EIMMIGRATION AIR allows you to assign attorneys and paralegals to each case.  Information from these individuals can pre-populate forms.  You can also assign a petition type to your case, which will transfer Forms, Document Checklist and Process Steps necessary to complete and file your petition.  Finally, you can set the status of the case to any one of: Active, Archived and Closed.
Powerful Case Query
EIMMIGRATION AIR is equipped with one of the most powerful and easy to use Search engines.  You can find cases based on their time of access, main contact, assignee, case number, receipt/notice number.
Process Management
EIMMIGRATION AIR offers a powerful Process Management engine for moving a case from inception to completion without missing a beat.  This component notifies when work is delayed and alerts you of future steps you need to take.
Documents & Attachments
Collect and store all case-related documents that your clients and possible employer send you in EIMMIGRATION AIR.  Access them any time from anywhere.
You can add Reminders to your case to notify you of important dates, events and tasks.  The Tickler component of EIMMIGRATION AIR tracks, manage and send out notifications as reminders become due.
Receipt Tracking
EIMMIGRATION AIR Manages and tracks information on receipts and notices you have entered into the system. Times Tracker, an extension to this component, notifies you when your USCIS or Visa petitions become current.
Keep track of the minutes of conversation you had with your client, for example, using the Notes facility of EIMMIGRATION AIR.  Allow your client to view none, any or all of your notes.
E-Forms Management
E-Forms Management
Regular Updates
Our e-forms crawler checks all government sites every night looking for updated forms.  Once updated forms are identified, our US-based team of forms designers get to work to produce accurate, intelligent forms in Cerenade format. 
Did you know that Cerenade's electronic forms technology is far more superior than the third party options offered by our competitors?
E-Forms library
Cerenade manages and updates its library of 260+ e-forms as they are released by USCIS, DOJ, DOL, ETA, DOS, EOIR, DS and DHS.
Government Instructions
With EIMMIGRATION AIR, you are always a click away from real-time instructions to the e-forms.
Blank Forms
You never know when you need a blank form. And for that, you should not need to go through the entire process of setting up a case.  "Blank Forms" component of EIMMIGRATION AIR gives you free access to its library of the latest e-forms to Print or Fill & Print any form you like with the click of a mouse.
Auto-Population of Forms
Forms are auto-populated with information from those you have assigned to the case.  Assignees include attorneys, employer, petitioner, beneficiary, alien, and others.
Email & Print Forms in Bulk
Whether you want to email or print one form or a whole caseload of forms, the functionality is always a single-click away.  To email, simply select all the forms you like to email to your client, enter the email address and hit "Send".  EIMMIGRATION AIR delivers a PDF copy of the selected forms to your client.
Contact Resource Management
Contact Resource Management
Biographic Information
The CRM component of EIMMIGRATION AIR is the most comprehensive in its league.  Adding years of biographic information about your client is not a problem.
Custom Fields
Keeping track of pieces of information such as "Religious Preference", "Color of Hair" or "Badge Number" is not a problem with EIMMIGRATION AIR. Simply add a custom field for each piece of information you like to track and you are done.
Comments & Attachments
This is yet another area to store client-specific documents and notes.  Information such as Birth Certificate, I-94 copy, copies of passport, etc.
Case Collection
So that you do not lose track of your cases, EIMMIGRATION AIR allows you to collect all cases you have ever created for a given client and his/her relatives under one roof.  By accessing the profile for one client, you can gain access to the history of services your law firm has provided this client.
Capture client profile, and attachments via an easy, wizard-based questionnaire, which is available in 8 languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Farsi, Japanese, Russian and English.  Once submitted, a questionnaire is converted into a contact record that can then populate forms.
Permission Settings
Permission Settings
Attorney & Paralegal Permission
Control caseworker access to EIMMIGRATION AIR by limiting WHAT, WHEN and HOW LONG.
WHAT:: which components of the system can the caseworker access?
WHEN:: on what days of the week is the caseworker allowed to access the system?
HOW LONG:: for how many days or for how many hours can the caseworker access the system?
Client Permission
Control client access to EIMMIGRATION AIR by limiting WHAT, and HOW LONG.
WHAT:: which components of the case or contact profile can client access?
HOW LONG:: for how many days can client access the system?
The administrator of EIMMIGRATION AIR has access to the Admin Console.  Admin Console is used to manage and customize many parts of the system.  Administrator has the option to manage and modify petition types and forms that go with each petition type, law firm address, add, remove and disable attorney and paralegals, change the name of the law firm, design letter merge templates and modify selections listed in many drop lists throughout the system.
Default Setting
The administrator can pre-set the default permission settings for clients.  Default permission settings take effect as soon as a client is added to the system.  Default permission settings can be overwritten once the client profile is created in the system.
Reports Management
Reports Management
Tickler & Reminder
Receive advance notices of up to 180 days on any document expiration date or any reminders you have left yourself.  180 days is the default setting, which can be customized to any number.
Case Reporting
With over 20 predefined and custom CASE reports, EIMMIGRATION AIR offers a report for every need.  Every report is unique in its choice of fields and data filtering ability.  Each report can be exported to Excel for sharing and/or further editing.
Contact Reporting
EIMMIGRATION AIR offers over 8 CONTACT reports that can be configured to generate many different types of custom reports.  Each report can be exported to Excel for sharing and/or further editing.
Custom Reporting
Over all, EIMMIGRATION AIR offers over 30 unique custom reports.  Each report can be configured to generate many different types of custom reports.  Each report can be exported to Excel for further modifications or for sharing with others.
Expense Tracking
Client Billing has never been easier.  Simply keep track of your charges by adding a charge selected from a customized list of "Billable Items" and you are set.  Billable items can be grouped as Legal Fees, Filling Fees, Misc. Fees, etc.
Invoice Generation
At any point in time you can generate invoices against the one or more charges you have added to a case.  You can even select who the payee should be for a given invoice.
Simply select charges that should go into an invoice, select the payee and save.  An invoice is created.  Invoices can be viewed, printed and emailed.  When emailed, the invoice is attached to the email as a PDF file.
Payment Processing
When it comes to payment processing.  No solution does it better than EIMMIGRATION AIR. You are basically free to apply the payment any which way you like: apply it across many invoices or apply it to one or more line items of a single invoice.
Your EIMMIGRATION AIR administrator can customize the list of billable items to fit your needs.  Each item in the list can have a code (used for accounting purposes), unit cost, description, and category (legal fee, filing fee, etc.)
Easy and Straightforward
E-Filing is easy.  You simply schedule a form to be e-filed, open the e-filing center and begin e-filing forms one by one.  While e-filing you have access to the actual completed form.
No Hidden Processing
There are no data dumping or hidden processes running in the background.  On each page of the e-filing site, you transfer data from your form to the e-filing site with the click of a button.  If you don't like what you see, you can always change it right then and there.
Supported Petitions
Currently, NI Visa Application, PERM, Green Card Replacement, and ICERT applications are supported by the e-filing module.
Supported Platforms
At this point, e-filing is supported on Windows XP or better, running Internet Explorer 6 or better.
USCIS and Visa Bulletin Times Tracker
USCIS and Visa Bulletin Times Tracker
Using Processing Times tables of USCIS, Visa Bulletin time tables of US Department of State, and information from the Receipts and Notices of a case, Cerenade Times Tracker can precisely determine whether a petition submitted to any of the USCIS Service Centers or a Visa petition has become current.  Once a match is found, an email notification is generated and sent to the law firm.
A comprehensive reporting mechanism provides a unique cross reference of Receipts and Notices, Case and CRM components of EIMMIGRATION AIR.
Platform and Browser Independent
Platform and Browser Independent
100% Web Based
You only need a web browser to use EIMMIGRATION AIR. EIMMIGRATION AIR is fully cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.  You can access EIMMIGRATION AIR with any standard browser of your choice, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
Underlying Technology
Underneath EIMMIGRATION AIR lies Cerenade's state of the art E-Forms technology.  This unique technology provides EIMMIGRATION AIR many advantages over its competitors. The advantages are:
With our competitors, support for Mac and iPad means that you enter data via unfamiliar wizard screens.  With EIMMIGRATION AIR you view and interact with e-forms looking like their paper counterpart on any device, including an iPad.  All you need is a Browser. Any Browser.
With our competitors you need to update your reader every time their third-party vendor releases a new one.  With EIMMIGRATION AIR, there is no need to download or install anything.  All you need is a Browser. Any Browser.
With our competitor you need an app in order to access their software on an iPad, which means new, limited interface, and new learning curve.  With EIMMIGRATION AIR,  all you need is a Browser. Any Browser.
Configuration Management
Configuration Management
Admin Console
System administrator, anyone with the admin account, can access the Admin Console to configure and manage many different aspects of EIMMIGRATION AIR.
Manage Law Firm Users
Administrator of EIMMIGRATION AIR can add attorney and paralegal profiles, apply access restriction, assign username/password, and remove individuals from the system.
Configure Law Firm Locations
Each law firm must set up one or more office locations.  Information from these offices are later used to pre-populate e-forms.  The administrator can setup and manage these office locations.
Configure and Maintain Processes
A process is an entity that consists of Forms, Questionnaire, Document List, Letter Merge and Process Steps.  Systems are installed pre-configured with several processes in support of unique petitions.  Most often, law firms make changes to these processes or create new ones in order to configure the system to their needs.
Configure Custom Fields
Despite our every effort to think of all possible data capture scenario, there are still instances where you need to capture a piece of information, for which you cannot find a field.  Custom Fields component of EIMMIGRATION AIR gives you the freedom to add fields with custom labels that match your specific needs.  Custom Fields can be managed and edited via the admin console.
Configure Dropdown Lists
Through out the Contact Management component of EIMMIGRATION AIR you will notice dropdown lists with possible choices we have deemed appropriate for that instance.  As it often the case, your needs require a greater flexibility in customizing choices offered by these dropdown lists.  Administrator of EIMMIGRATION AIR can easily configure or customize these dropdown lists via the admin console.
Level I security is provided via Secured Socket Layer (SSL).  SSL provides a secure environment for managing and accessing cases and forms across the internet through a TRUSTED site.  All data, traveling between your computer and our servers is encrypted.
Secured Data Centers
All operations are hosted by our hosting company, Lightcrest (www.Lightcrest.com).  Security for data centers at Lightcrest include:
Card Reader access required to enter facility
Biometric scanner access required to enter data center floor
Proximity readers track all movements between areas
Security Cameras
Bullet-proofing behind all windowed areas
Redundant Power Supply
Redundant Data Hosting
Redundant Routing and Switching environment
Training & Learning Center
Learning Center
Training is Free
Our weekly webinars are offered free of charge.  Attend as many times as you like.  Simply send us an email and tell us that you want to attend our free webinar.
The More You Learn, The More You Love EIMMIGRATION AIR
We strongly believe that no one should pay to learn a software.  This is why we have made EIMMIGRATION AIR easy to learn, and free to learn.  We invite our clients to attend as many of our weekly training webinars as they like.  You hire new staff, send them to one of our weekly webinars so they can at least learn the basics.  The more you learn, the more you love EIMMIGRATION AIR.
Video Library
If you cannot fit our weekly training time slot into your schedule then you have 35 other means of learning EIMMIGRATION AIR.  We offer 35 video clips from one to 15 minutes.  Each video talks about one aspect of EIMMIGRATION AIR.  It's all FREE to you.
FAQ Articles
Believe it or not, the questions you ask us are not new to us.  We have put together a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to them.  These FAQ Articles are hosted on our web site (www.eimmigration.com), which are accessible 24x7.  If you do not find your answer there, try the video library or simply call or write to us.
24x7 Support
24x7 Support
Support Staff
We start by telling you how professional and knowledgeable our support staff are. They are not stationed out of state or out of the country.  They are right here in our headquarters in Inglewood, California with full access to developers of the software.  They speak fluent English and Spanish.  99% of your questions are answered while waiting on the line.  Our support staff are just that good.
Support Hours
Phone Support: 8am - 5pm Monday-Friday except for holidays
email Support: 24x7
Support is Free
There is no need for different layers of support.  You find a bug, we like to be the first to know about it.  You have an issue, we like to address it.  You do not need to pay extra to gain premium access to our support staff.
Data Conversion
24x7 Support
Our Guarantee
We have worked long and hard so you can relax.  We can import your existing database into EIMMIGRATION AIR.  Of course, there is a limit in how much data we can import, but then again all vendors face the same limitations.  Once we import your data to EIMMIGRATION AIR, you get a chance to check it out.  Take all the time you need.  If you like what you see, you pay for the conversion service. If not, we will dispose of your data, and you pay nothing.
Legacy Products
We import data from these legacy products:
Time Matters, IDS, LawLogix, InsZoom, Tracker, EILA, and Immigrant Pro. 
Conversion Fees
Our conversion fees are straightforward.  We charge $200 per database, and our job is guaranteed.
Conversion Comparison Chart
This chart explains in details, which legacy products are supported, and what is converted over.  Click Here.
Copyright 1998 - Cerenade. All Rights Reserved.  EIMMIGRATION, EIMMIGRATION AIR, EILA, Work Smart, Cerenade are trademarks or registered trademarks of Multimedia Abacus Corporation.


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