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Customer Stories

With 99.5% Retention Rate, Our Customers Are Our Greatest Asset

   “E-immigration has been a wonderful and powerful tool in our office.  We appreciate all the features that you find in a large software company with all the personal touches of a small software company.  This program has made us more efficient and has given our attorneys the ability to update client files while sitting in court or at the USCIS office.  What we love most about this program is that from day one Cerenade has been responsive and professional in all our dealings and in meeting our firm’s needs.” - George Rodriguez, Esq, Attorney. Dallas, TX
  "Cerenade, with its e-Immigration product, is a trusted partner in the delivery of our customer-focused immigration law practice." - Brian Bernhard, Legal Administrator. Denver, CO
  “Until I switched to eimmigration several years ago, I did not know the advantages of having a web based case management software. eimmigration is easy to work with. I can check out my calendar, send email to clients, easily fill in forms, and stay ahead of my schedule while having access to eimmigration anytime, anywhere, during day or night of the year. I use my cell phone to get connected while in court, driving or at a restaurant. I highly recommend eimmigration.”- Michael M. Shabani, ESQ, Attorney & Counselor at Law. Birmingham, AL

“I have used this program for over 10 years.  They always keep it up to date and on the few occasions that I have had to call tech support, they have been fast, courteous, and responsive to the problems.  I would recommend this product and plan on using it for years to come.”- Steven R. Lawrence Jr, Attorney at Law. Salt Lake City, UT


“The right software for a busy immigration practice. . .” - Kwao Amegashie, Attorney at Law. Minneapolis, MN

  "We are a small non-profit that really needed a robust case-management system for our legal staff that is cost-effective. E-immigration has really helped our staff manage their cases more effectively and work more efficiently. Because of that, we can serve more clients." - Elizabeth Hartman, Executive Director American Gateways. Austin, TX

"Using eimmigration, we are handling more cases than ever, providing better than ever status and reporting service to our corporate clients, increasing our profitability while eliminating usual headaches associated with installation, hosting, security, management, and maintenance of a mission-critical application such as eimmigration. Cerenade does it all." - David Kussin, Managing Partner, MUKAI & KUSSIN LLP. Los Angeles, CA

  "Eimmigration is such an important part of what we do.  Its robust, web based solution, provides Immigration Attorneys llp's clients, attorneys and staff with the tools to be more efficient and better informed, no matter where they are located. Eimmigration continues to be the best solution to aggressively handle the volume and diversity of our clients and matters. Additionally, Cerenade's commitment to ensuring that Eimmigration is regularly enhanced and improved makes Cerenade an integral part of IALLP's plans for continued success." - Ira Azulay, Attorney, Immigration Attorneys, LLP. Chicago, IL
  "For the past 10 years, we have been using Cerenade's immigration products.  Cerenade products have been easy to use, reliable and extremely cost efficient.  Cerenade's Support team has been extremely supportive and efficient.  I highly recommend the immigration forms suite." - Vaman B. Kidambi, Kidambi & Associates, P.C. Bridgeport, CT

“Using eimmigration is very easy. My staff doesn’t have to worry about what forms are needed for each visa category and the forms can be emailed to clients directly from the program. Updates are automatic and timely. Customer support is very timely and efficient. They get back to us within hours of emailing them regarding any questions or problems, with solutions!
I have been a client since 2003. The program is extremely reasonable and is a far better value than any other program we have tried in the past.“
- Mahsa Khanbabai, Law Office of Mahsa Khanbabai. Springfield, MA

  “Like all non-profit organizations, we continue to be asked to ‘do more with less,’ since adopting eimmigration as our case management system, Cerenade has helped us just do that with FREE support, FREE weekly webinars and excellent customer service.” - Rodolfo Estrada, Esq, Executive Director, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigration Rights. New York, NY
  “Cerenade’s EIMMIGRATION case management solution has revolutionized the way our firm does business. Now we can take our data on the go and can access it from anywhere at any time, whether it be at work, home, or on the road. The constant connectivity allows us to move through cases quickly and efficiently.” - Kathleen Krieger, Director of Information Technology, Hodgson Russ, LLP. Buffalo, NY

“EIMMIGRATION is our choice because it is easy to log on and use. The data is stored on their servers which makes it very easy for us to access. We don’t have to be concerned about updating the forms and software. The staff is very helpful and the software is very economical.” - Anita Tripathi, Office Manager, Law Office of Robert A. Murtha, JR. New York, NY

  "EILA is a fantastic product.  I have used it in my immigration practice for more than 13 years without any issues.  It has a very stable database and we have never lost any client information.  The product is intuitive, simple to use, and easy to train others on.  I have recommended this product to others in the past and strongly recommend it for both small and large immigration firms."- Neal Richardson Datta, Attorney. New York, NY
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